Enfield Recreation Department
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Community Contacts

Please note that the following Community Contacts, other than the Field Cancellation Hotline, are NOT affiliated with the Town of Enfield Recreation Department.

American Legion Baseball

Contact: Tom Owens
Phone: 860-324-8507
Email: enfieldowens@yahoo.com

Enfield Hockey Association

Contact: Paul Santanella
Phone: 860-849-7001

Enfield Little League

Contact: Mark Cekala
Phone: 860-698-0753
Email: info@enfieldlittleleague.org

Enfield Ramblers

Contact: Craig Pelkey
Phone: 860-849-4568
Email: cpelkey40@gmail.com

Enfield Soccer Association

Contact: Jeff Rousseau
Phone: 413-246-1399
Email: info@enfieldsoccer.net

Enfield Soccer Club

Contact: Darren Ketchale
Phone: 860-205-5035
Email: darrenk626@outlook.com

Enfield Youth Wrestling

Contact: Jeff Beiler
Phone: 860-463-1650
Email: enfieldyouthwrestling@gmail.com

Girls Softball League

Contact: Jason Stebbins
Phone: 860-798-1682

Greater Enfield Men's Softball

Contact: Scott Couture
Phone: 413-221-5580
Email: jdsc081597@comcast.net

Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League

Contact: Scott Delorge
Phone: 860-849-3591
Email: Delorge23@icloud.com

Women's Softball League

Contact: Rachael Miller
Phone: 845-554-6060
Email: rachael_miller@hotmail.com

Field Cancellation Hotline

Town of Enfield Public Works Contact: Buildings and Grounds
Phone: 860.253.5166