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Recreation Residency Policy

The Town of Enfield will give preference to Enfield residents participating in Recreation Department activities. An Enfield resident is defined as a citizen whose primary residence is in Enfield. This privilege will be extended to dependent children of Enfield residents even if the children live in another town.

Enfield residents will be allowed to register for all programs and Recreation Department sponsored sports leagues at the initial registration date for all seasonal offerings. Proof of residency will be required at the time of registration. Acceptable forms of ID are: valid driver’s license, tax bill, utility bill, and renter’s/homeowner’s agreement.

Registrations for non-residents will be accepted, if space is available, one week after the initial program and Recreation Department sponsored sports leagues registration dates for Enfield residents. A 25% surcharge will be added to the user fee for each individual registration. Non- residents are not eligible for enrollment in free programs or for season passes.

Recreation Department sponsored adult sports leagues team rosters will be required to follow the membership chart listed below:

Number of Players: Number of Non-Residents
1-4: 0
5-9: 1
10-14: 2
15-19: 3
20-24: 4
25+: 5
Maximum number of 5 non-residents per team roster

Effective: September 1, 2019